A Beginners Guide to Pod Vape Systems

A Beginners Guide to Pod Vape Systems

Pod vape systems or kits have had a massive consumer interest in the market. They are a game changer in vaping, and manufacturers continue improving their build and functionality. The UWELL koko prime pod kit is the latest release for the Caliburn series, and people's reaction to it is incredible. More and more vapers buy it from beginners to the experienced as it has numerous benefits, and its convenience and simplicity make it the best. Here is a beginner's guide to pod vape systems.

All about the pod vape systems a beginner should know

Have you noticed a trend in using pod vape systems, especially from top brands like UWELL, and you are wondering what they are all about? The truth is, as a beginner in vaping, everything seems exciting, and learning about the basics makes everything even better. Nothing is challenging about the pod vape systems. As a beginner, you should know the following;

What is a pod vape system?

A pod system or kit uses vape pods instead of atomizers, typical in other vaping devices. Their simplicity in terms of design, style, and function makes them stand out. The reason why they are called pods is that a pod is one of the main parts. The other significant part is the battery which is powerful and long-lasting. You can find two pod vape systems, each suitable for beginners.

Types of pod vape kits

Depending on many factors, you can get an open or closed pod vape system. Their names define the types of pods each uses. The open pod vape uses pods that are 'open.' It means that it comes empty, allowing you to refill it with your e-juice of choice in the flavor you like. The closed pod vape kit has closed pods pre-filled with e-liquid from the manufacturer. After multiple puffs and the vape juice is over, you have to replace the pod since you cannot refill it. Despite both being easy to operate, the closed pod vape system is the simplest. You pop the pod in when you want to vape and out when the e-liquid is over. There is no refilling which can be tasking for some users.

What's the best vape juice for pod vape systems?

Vape juices or e-liquids exist in varying forms, but nicotine salts are the best for pod vape kits. This is because of the lower power and high resistance from their coils. The coils are usually built in, so you cannot replace or swap them out; hence the vape juice is highly concentrated with PG to VG. The nicotine salts work well with these pods since they produce them at higher strengths and a smoother hit that first-time users can handle.

Bottom line

Pod vape systems are great for everyone, especially newcomers to the vaping world. The smooth vapor and less power are the perfect introduction and still satisfy their nicotine intake. They are easy to use and affordable, helping you save a good amount of money. They require low maintenance, unlike other vaping components, and the design makes them leak-resistant.