Context of the book “national school prince is a girl.”

Context of the book “national school prince is a girl.”

The book “national school prince is a girl” is a supernatural romance story of Fu Jiu. She has disguised herself as a boy in her high school. In front of the world, she is a regular guy who is a master at playing games and seducing girls. But in reality, she is a Z-named hacker who terminates criminals in the online world. The sugary situation in the book is when the rich Almighty Qin falls for her flirtatious conduct. This attraction refers to Almighty Qin as gay. When Fu Jiu’s true identity unveils in front of the world, everyone gets shocked. Do you think Almighty Qin is gay? Or he already knew the true essence of Fu Jiu? Zein has eloquently described the love story of Fu Jiu in the book “national school prince is a girl.” A short description of the first few chapters of this book is given below.

Chapter 1:

Fu Jiu is unable to comprehend her situation with her dizzy head. All she sees is a guy screaming in front of her trying to call a doctor. She is a girl forced by her mother to disguise herself as a guy. And, of course, being a girl, her body naturally craves guys. Some men have badly beaten her for acting gay, and she ends up in a hospital. A doctor enters the room and checks her eyes. Chen Xiaodong gets worried after Fu Jiu refuses to recognize him. He thinks that she has lost her memory. But Fu Jiu can recall her hacking the pentagon with a single computer. And how the FBI agents failed to capture her even with seven big black men.

Chapter 2:

Fu Jiu stays in the hospital for three days. All these days, she only worries about the person who stabbed her in the back. But, she is satisfied that she can know anything she wants by hacking through her computer. On the fourth day, she decides to terminate her sick leave and go to school. Chen Xiaodong brings a few dresses from her favorite BOY collection. But Fu Jiu asks for her uniform instead, despite hating to wear her uniform. Most of the students at Jiang’s middle school hate her because of her show-off demeanor. She usually comes to school in the race cars and dresses like a mine owner.

Chapter 3:

As she passes through the corridors, girls drool over her handsome face and silver hair. Ignoring them, she enters the class and puts her bag on the desk. But then, Fu Jiu’s desk mate Jiyang Fieyang makes a loud bang by pulling the chair. She once chased his handsome face but badly regrets it now. Now, she only has a crush on Almighty Qin. Jiyang shouts that he does not want to sit with her for even a second. Fu Jiu tells her to fuck off. In a rage, Jiyang Feiyang tries to grab her with a collar but ends up crashing into the desk. After a few more bickering, he shut his mouth at her intimidating glare.