Fascinating Things You Should Know About Shot Glasses

Fascinating Things You Should Know About Shot Glasses

While all the reasons why people take drinks, some of which include (socialization, enjoyment, and escaping stress) may vary, we can all agree that there is no fun in taking drinks in a rush. This is the reason why shot glasses will always be appreciated. This unique item acts as a ratio used to measure how much booze we've taken. Furthermore, it helps people savor every bit of their drink and enjoy drinking.

Since shot glasses are commonly used in the bar, many people have believed that shot glasses are just small sizes of cups used to take alcohol, when in fact, there is much more to its use. In this article, we'll look at some fascinating things you should know about shot glasses.

Things You Should Know About Shot Glasses

  • Shot Glasses Are Not Only Used For Alcohol: Contrary to what most of us have believed, we use shot glasses for a whole lot more than alcohol. For starters, we use shot glasses for dessert. Yes! After the main meal, you can simplify your blended appetizers to help you control the ration you want to consume. You could also use your shot glasses as a veggie shooter to serve starters (e.g., shrimp shots) and small sauce-dipping containers.
  • Shot Glasses Are Not All Small In Size: The size of shot glasses varies. There are different kinds of shot glasses with various capacities. Some of them include the standard shot glass containing about 1.3 ounces of liquor. Apart from bars, many restaurants purchase these shot glasses bulk and use them as sauce dipping containers for different people. There is also tall shot glass which is taller. Other examples of different shot glasses types are Pony shot glasses, "Cheaters' ' shot glass and the Fluted Shot Glasses.
  • Shot Glasses Are Customizable: With the aid of an engraving expert, you can easily customize your shot glasses. All you just need is to have the text you want imprinted on the glass delivered to the expert. This makes shot glasses the perfect gift to present to people at different occasions like wedding and birthday parties.
  • All Shot Glass Maximum Capacity Is 1.5 ounce: While there are no shot glass standard sizes anywhere in the world (probably except for Utah), no shot glass can claim to have a higher capacity of containing 1.6 ounce of liquid.
  • Shot Glasses Are Not Only Made Of Glass: Even though the type of shot glass commonly used is made of glass, this does not mean that there aren't other types. There are different kinds of materials used to make shot glass, some of these materials include plastic, soapstone, stainless steel, Himalayan salt, ceramic etc.


Shot glasses is an amazing item whose importance can never be underestimated. The use of this item is so diverse and it can be used for so many things like food presentation, appetizer container and so many other things just like we've discussed. In this article, we've shared with you some things you should know about this item.