Features of a Game Controller You Need to Level up Your Gaming Playability

Features of a Game Controller You Need to Level up Your Gaming Playability

A game controller is a key part of a gaming console. It lets players control games without using a keyboard or mouse. There are different types of controllers for each type of game, such as the gamecube controller is a type of standard game controller.

There are several game controller features that you need to level up your gaming playabilities. The principle is that the player has to look at the character accordingly.

Whether a console game or a PC game, the controller can make or break your experience. Games are becoming more complex, and it is often difficult to master the controls.

This article gives you some idea of what you should look for when selecting a game controller and guides you to understand what makes the best gaming gear.

Responsive Control

The controller must be responsive to any action the player takes. The activity should not take too long to perform or come out too fast. For example, if you are playing a racing game, you do not want to wait for your car to respond when you press the gas pedal.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

The controller design should be comfortable for the player to hold and not cause them to feel strain in their hands. Even on fingers after long play sessions.

The design should also be such that it is easy for the user to see what buttons they are pressing. Moreover, there are no confusing elements, which could lead to mistakes during gameplay.

Intuitive Layout

The controller layout must be intuitive enough that a new player can figure out how to use it without reading instructions. It should also be intuitive enough that even a more experienced user can quickly notice how things work.


You want to make sure the controller has enough sensitivity to allow you to move quickly. Nevertheless, not so much that you feel like the controller is fighting you.

Durable Construction

You do not want to replace your controller every few months because it broke down due to wear and tear. Make sure it is constructed well enough to last through countless hours of gameplay.

Button Layout

Look for a controller with buttons in easy-to-reach places, and make sure it is not too big for your hands. A controller with a wide range of motion on its joysticks lets you make precise movements in the game. Even you can play without losing control over your character or vehicle.

Select Button

Select button is one of the important buttons in a game controller. It allows the players to pause and play the game. You can open up menus and select different options while playing (such as choosing between multiple weapons). So looking for this feature is a must.


Some controllers also work as mice or keyboards and can be used with other devices like phones or tablets.


A controller allows you to play for longer periods without causing any pain or discomfort from the grip or the buttons.

Long battery life

Most controllers will last up to 10 hours between charges, giving you plenty of time to play while away from home.


To maximize your gaming playability, focus on the game controller features. Moreover, that includes dual hand capability, ergonomic design, size, grip sensitivity, and resistance level. Combining the four will result in a much more effective gaming experience.