How to get free FIFA coins?

How to get free FIFA coins?

FIFA coins are a much-needed currency if you want to build a successful squad in FIFA ultimate team (FUT). You require FIFA coins to fill your team with the best players. Good players are a primary requirement to win the matches and to complete the squad-building challenges. You can join free fifa coins from several methods. Below are stated those.

Join the promotion activities:

FIFA websites offer various seasonal promotion activities. These promos are a chance for the newbies to earn many FIFA coins for free. First of all, you have to sign in to their website. It is not a complicated process and takes little time. After logging in, check their promotional activities or giveaways. These activities contain multiple interesting quizzes and riddles. You can get up to 200 free entries for correctly answering one question or riddle. Also, you can get more than 399 free entries just by browsing through their page. You can earn free FIFA coins by following that website on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Another way to achieve a large number of entries is by referring the page to your friends and family. You can share the referral link with your friends through WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook. This process will help you get many free FIFA coins in the beginning.

Play plenty of squad battles:

FIFA matches are one of the obvious and easiest ways to earn free FIFA coins. Squad battles and division rival games are very easy to earn free FIFA coins. You will be rewarded with coins at the end of every match, no matter if you win or lose. But winning a game will earn you a big reward. The better your performance gets, the more your coins will be at the end. You can get FIFA coins, FIFA packs, or a mixture of both.

Use the coin boosts:

The fact that coin boosts are free and you can unlock them just by winning a match is amazing. Coin boosts multiply the number of your coins once you open them. You will unlock coin boosts on achieving every milestone in a FUT match. Apart from this, there are other missions and objectives that you can complete to get coin boosts. Once you start a goal, focus solely on finishing it to boost your coins. But this method is only applicable if you play FIFA matches regularly.

Find and claim special free packs:

EA sports usually launches a bunch of special free packs for FIFA lovers. They collaborate with other companies to design these free packs. Some examples are Twitch Prime Pack and Play Station Plus Free Pack. If you have a subscription to amazon or twitch packs, you can easily claim these packs. These special packs are amazing as they contain many reasonable players. You can use these players to complete your squad-building challenges. But, if you do not need them, you can sell them and get great FIFA coins.


FIFA Coins are an integral part of FUT games, without which you cannot succeed. So, you must know how to gain the maximum amount of FIFA coins. Even if you are a beginner, you can use the techniques mentioned above to enhance the number of your coins.