Magnetic Water Balloons – Double Up Your Gaming Fun Today

Magnetic Water Balloons – Double Up Your Gaming Fun Today

Want to take your balloon fights to the next level? The magnetic water balloons serve you the best in this regard. They are not like traditional balloons, which hinder your excitement and joy. The only drawback of these balloons is that they burst after a slighter impact.

But what if you get a balloon you can reuse as many times as you want? This way, you can double up your balloon gaming fun, especially in summer games. Water balloons serve the purpose of keeping you cool in higher-temperature summers. Want to know more? Just keep reading!

Magnetic Water Balloons – An Overview

The term “magnetic” in Magnetic water balloons reflects that these balloons employ magnets in their manufacturing. These magnets lie on the edges of the latex or rubber balloons. After a refill, these magnetics automatically close the balloon and prevent the water from escaping. Unlike traditional balloons, you don’t need to tie knots each time to avoid the water escape.

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Magnetic Water Balloons

Several reasons will compel you to choose magnetic water balloons instead of traditional ones. Consider the following reasons down below:

Convenient Refill

You can fill the balloons with water at super convenience. You need to fill a container with water and put the magnetic water balloons inside. They automatically take in the water from the container and close their selves. Magnetic water balloons are not similar to traditional water balloons. You don’t need to hold these balloons under water for refilling. This way, you can save time refilling and focus more on gaming.

Multiple Colors and Shapes

The magnetic water balloons come in many colors and shapes to choose from. You have the freedom to choose as per your desire and requirement. The key colors include yellow, red, orange, blue, pink, etc. When it comes to shapes, you will not run out of options. The key shapes include grenade, bomb, poop, octopus, and hiliop. Each balloon gives you a different gaming experience.

Cost Effective

The cost comparison of the magnetic balloon with the traditional balloon determines that you can save a lot. This is true in the long run. For instance, , if you buy a conventional balloon for $ 0.10$ and a magnetic balloon for $3. For 50 balloon fights, you need to purchase 50 standard balloons. This is because you cannot reuse them. This makes up the cost of $5. But got magnetic water balloons. This is not the case, as these balloons can support up to 1000 balloon fights.

High-Quality Material

The magnetic water balloon uses silicone as the key material in manufacturing. Silicone is soft on the skin; in balloon fights, it does not feel harsh on your skin or body. The silicone magnetic water balloons burst or explode when they come into contact with another surface. This way, you can keep yourself safe from an injury. Besides, it contributes to the environment because it does not contribute to the carbon footprint. When the magnetic balloon’s life ends, you can recycle it.