New Vaporesso Coils With COREX Heating Technology

New Vaporesso Coils With COREX Heating Technology

Since the inception of the first E-cigarette, the vaping industry has advanced in technology when manufacturing vape pod systems. Every company making pod devices is now producing smart and digitized devices. This has made Vaporesso, a leading manufacturer in vape pod systems, look beyond the ordinary and manufacture refillable pod coils with COREX heating technology.

There has been a growing demand by vapers for a refillable heating technology for quite a long time. Smokers who vape as an alternative were yearning for a similar sensational feeling when vaping. After years of research, prototypes, and testing, Vaporesso coils are manufactured with a new heating technology called COREX.

What is COREX Heating Technology?

Like the revolutionary ceramic coils known as FEELM, which were accepted widely, Corex coils have no cotton or wicking materials. The coil's surface area that comes into contact with the E-liquid has also been expanded.

COREX is made of ceramic materials and has mesh heating elements directly embedded into the cellular ceramic core. It surrounds the ideal size and circulation of porosity. With this, vapers get instant nicotine satisfaction and the best flavor they desire.

Consumers also get the same satisfaction consistently with intensified durability for a more extended period because of the perfected porosity and embedded mesh combination. The optimized "distribution and dimension of porosity" increases nicotine delivery by 67%.

Into your first inhale, COREX can reach the perfect atomizing temperature in the first 0.2 seconds. The enhanced heating rate means vapers can enjoy the same pleasure for an extended period from the first to the 100th puff, which is nearly identical.

Vaporesso coils with COREX heating technology use less power and are more effective than other coils. The embedded coil mesh heating elements and optimum porosity combination reduces power usage by half.

Some of the outstanding benefits of COREX ceramic coils are:

  • Perfect nicotine delivery - Compared to standard coils, COREX offers more nicotine delivery by 67%. The dimension of porosity and optimal distribution, together with the embedded mesh, fully vaporize the ejuice bringing the most out of the nicotine.
  • Exceptional flavor - COREX restores the flavor from different e-liquids and produces smoother clouds because the mesh heating elements embedded in the cellular ceramic materials allow the ejuice to connect with all the areas of the coil. The microporous pores that are uniformly proportioned and distributed enable the liquid to flow easily and quickly throughout.
  • Durability - Aluminum oxide ceramics' thermal activity is less than 1/5 making COREX coils have more durability than other coils. You get the perfect experience from the first puff providing the same sensational feeling all through to the last.

Which Vaporesso kits are developed with COREX technology?

Vaporesso has two vaping kits that feature the COREX heating technology. The GEN PT60 | 80 S and LUXE X are the new vape devices developed with COREX technology with faster vaporizing and heating and better flavor and clouds even in low wattage.


Soon, COREX heating technology will be ideal for all refillable pod device manufacturers. This is because of its outstanding nicotine delivery, flavor, and durability.