Things You Should Avoid When Wearing A Wig

Things You Should Avoid When Wearing A Wig

Wearing a wig needs a lot of consideration and tips because you cannot afford your wigs to get messy and destroyed too quickly. Usually, there are a lot of tips provided by the sellers about how to wear and maintain your wigs.

But not one tells you what you should avoid when using or purchasing the wigs. That's why the first wig-wearing experience for most of us is not as comfortable and ideal as we think. So, here we will discuss a few common mistakes everyone makes while using wigs.

If you don't want to mess up your first wig experience, read the guide below about what you should avoid when wearing the wigs.

#1 Don't Avoid the Wig Size

If you haven't purchased a wig before, there is a high chance that you might not consider the wig size while buying your first wig. Most beginners are unfamiliar with the wig size as crucial as their style and end up buying too small or too large wigs.

Too small wigs can cause you a headache, while the large ones will be difficult to install and tight. So, make sure to find the perfect size according to your head size, and remember that not all the brands have the same wig sizes.

#2 Washing Regularly or Use of Heavy Products

The wigs need as much maintenance as your natural hair. Usually, it is highly recommended to wash your wig on a daily basis if you are wearing them regularly. However, you cannot use any hair products on your wigs as not all the shampoos are appropriate.

So, while choosing the wig products, consider the professional's advice and go for wig-specific products only.

#3 Don't Avoid the Wig Breathability

The breathability of wigs is the most important factor to consider even before wig style and type. Your natural hair and scalp need continuous fresh air to stay healthy. So, make sure to choose a highly wig breathability especially in lace and closure wig that will keep your hair fresh and relaxed.

#4 Avoid Glues if Possible

The majority of wigs use adhesive for installation. However, the continuous use of adhesive is not healthy for your natural hair. Many sellers are not introducing non-adhesive wigs like a headband. So, make sure to avoid the wig adhesive as much as possible.

#5 Don't Use Heating Tools

The products like hair dryers and straighteners are wigs' enemies. The regular use of these wigs will shorten the wig's life and reduce their quality, especially on synthetic wigs. Read the wigs specification to understand how much heat you can use on your wigs.

#6 Don't Wear Wigs 24/7

Wigs are not your natural hair that you can wear 24/7. Wigs are not meant to use all day long, even when you don't have natural hair, because your scalp needs some fresh and relaxing time. So, when using the wigs, try to minimize their time as much as possible as their excessive use will have a negative effect on your hair and scalp.


People who love wearing wigs should remember that wigs are artificial hair, even when made from natural hairs. Every type of wig has some limitations to keep the wearer healthy and relaxed. Hopefully, this guide will help you to have a positive first wig-wearing experience.