Tricks to Prevent Bright Colored Wigs from Fading

Tricks to Prevent Bright Colored Wigs from Fading

Wearing a costume wig appears to be a simple approach to changing your appearance. One can easily spot amazing-colored wigs on the market as more girls become aficionados. These are so appealing that no female can resist and wants to give it a go.

However, you must remember that colored wigs require special care to prevent the vibrant color from fading. Alternatively, the original new wig could become brittle, dry, and frizzy. Look at methods that can help you retain your optimum hue for longer.

Avoid hot water

While washing it, beware of using boiled water. Avoiding hot water when washing will seal up the cuticle. It will also extend the life of the color. It might be difficult, but it'll be well worth it in the end.

Rinse it with cold water

Give it a good washing with cold water. A warm shower calms the body, but that is bad for the wig's color. In fact, the warmer the water gets, the faster the dye wig fades. This will also make it simple for it to dry out and become dull. Take time to remember to wash your wig with cool water.

Don’t wash your colored wig frequently

Don't wash your wig too frequently. The fewer often you clean your wig, the longer its color will last. Dry shampoo might just be a wonderful alternative for a hot summer day.

Pick the right products

Choosing the right hair products, specifically for colored wigs, is very crucial. Shampoos and conditioners that are chemically and highly hydrating are without a question your greatest buddies.

The dye is generally protected against fading with the appropriate products. Just use a color-protecting shampoo when aiming for warm tones. When picking a colder tone hue, however, a sulfate-free shampoo is advised since it does not eliminate the essential oil and does not change the color of your wig.

Brush with care

If your wig is damp, use a wig brush to keep it from breaking. Never use your fingers as a brush because you might rip the wig by accident.

Avoid using heating tools 

Avoid using hot styling products like a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron. Don't hesitate to use a heat-protective agent product those few times when it's necessary. This will help to keep the deterioration of your wig to a minimum.

Be careful with the sun’s rays and water

Keep the color of your wig safe from the sun's rays. UV protection should both preserve your color and stop it from fading quickly. During the summertime, chlorine and seawater make the wig hair dry out and get damaged. Be careful with pools and beaches.

Don’t change colors too often

Coloring is addicting, and you may find yourself doing it regularly, making it tough to quit. Experimenting with different colors might be fun, but it can also harm your hair. For your hair to recuperate and preserve its health, it's typically best to let it breathe in between coloring sessions.